Don’t let your home get cramped — put these items in seasonal storage…

Don’t let your home get cramped — put these items in seasonal storage…

09/11/2020 11:38

With the four week lockdown in England and the autumn weather getting wetter and colder as the weeks go by, we are all going to be spending an awful lot of time indoors this winter. The last thing we need during this time of spending more time than ever at home is to make our homes feel small and claustrophobic, but that could be inevitable for most of us.


With the shops being shut for the coming weeks and much uncertainty over when they will re-open, many of us will turn to online shopping in the weeks ahead to get our Christmas shopping done ahead of time. We will also use online outlets to buy extra things to help us get through the difficult weeks of lockdown. Before long, your house might feel more cramped than ever!


Yet will you really need everything taking up precious space in your home during the weeks and months ahead? The likelihood is that you won’t actually need everything that’s clogging up the house. Here’s our advice on some of the things you could potentially put into storage in the weeks ahead.


The summer duvet and bed linens


During the winter we’re all wanting the warmth of a nice thick duvet as night time temperatures drop. However, that’s exactly what we don’t want when the summer months bring warmer night time temperatures. This means that at some point we’re all storing linen and linen takes up space!


As we move into winter, it could be time to put those low tog duvets into storage into a storage unit.


Summer clothes you aren’t wearing right now


The UK’s weather might be changeable, but realistically how often are you going to be donning those shorts or skirts during the next few months? Almost all of us have a lot of clothes specifically for summer, but storing them away for a few months until you need them again can create space in your wardrobe that will prove very useful in the months ahead.


Bikes, surfboards and sports equipment


During the lockdown we are allowed outdoors for recreational exercise, but with the rain hammering down and frosty mornings, how often are you actually going to go outside to get your heart racing? The majority of our hobbies bow to seasonal weather, meaning that during the autumn and winter months you’re just a lot less likely to go out for a bike ride, jump into the sea with your surfboard or even go running, with that equipment taking up a lot of space around the home.


Garden furniture


Seeing as we don’t spend much time in our gardens in the chilly months ahead, these items are often stored away in the garden shed to protect them from the harsh frosts and battering rain. Putting them in a storage unit would free up space in the shed for other things you might want to keep around the house during the winter!


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