How to package your self storage items when you’re on a budget

How to package your self storage items when you’re on a budget

08/02/2019 16:11

Self storage is a great solution when you have more furniture than space, you’re between house moves or you’re simply trying to de-clutter your home. Even better, because the concept is now so popular in the UK it means that self storage facilities are very competitively priced and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to keep your valuables safely stored away.

If you really are on a budget however, forking out for expensive storage boxes can completely put you off the idea of self storage. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, have a read of some of our packaging solutions which are perfect if you're on a budget.


Most of us have a suitcase or two hogging up valuable cupboard space in our homes and ironically, this is one of the most common items people want to put into self storage as they’re only used once or twice a year.

Why not put some of your other items for storage - such as clothes, photographs, ornaments and any other little bits and pieces - into the suitcases? Not only does this save space in your unit, it also offers a free method of packing your items.

Carrier Bags

If there's one thing we're not short of, it's carrier bags. In fact, chances are that you have a cupboard or drawer full of them and they drive you crazy. They might not be the most glamorous way to store your items but they're very handy for things such as clothes, toys and any other little bits and pieces.

Use your local shops

Supermarkets, shops and restaurants get regular deliveries which means they're certainly not short of a cardboard box or two. Why not head over there and ask if you can have a couple boxes? It’s one of the most popular ways of storing items in self storage because they're sturdy and practical and this way you might even be able to get them for free.

Order online

Online selling sites are frequently much cheaper than high street shops because the sellers don't have to pay for a premises. If you have the patience to spend time having a proper search, chances are that you can pick up some great packaging bargains on the Internet.

Join buy and sell groups

A lot of towns have buy and sell groups on Facebook and Twitter. This means that you can frequently pick up some great bargains and even freebies from people living in your area. A quick post asking if anyone has spare cardboard boxes or storage containers could end up saving you a lot of money and you never know, some people may even be glad to get rid of them for free.

If you would like advice on packing your items for self storage, please don’t hesitate to contact M Store and a member of the team will be more than happy to help.