Four Heartwarming stories from Coronavirus lockdown

29/04/2020 12:41

First of all – we hope that you’re all well, healthy and staying at home to support the fantastic efforts of our frontline staff in the NHS, care homes and essential industries. We know that staying at home for a long period can be difficult mentally, that there is plenty of negativity when you turn on the tele and that it can be hard to see light at the end of the tunnel as the lockdown seems to be never-ending. 


However, over the past few weeks there’s been a number of things and specifically people that bring a smile to the face! Here’s just four reasons to be positive, to put a smile on your face and know that we’ll get there!


Captain Tom Moore


Not that many people will have heard of Captain Tom Moore at the end of March, but by the end of next calendar month he’s a household name! Setting out to raise £1,000 by walking a hundred lengths of his outside space with a Zimmer frame, Tom (who was 99 at the time!) went on to break the JustGiving website with a mammoth £29 million raised for the NHS!


Well done Tom!






Harmonie Rose lost all of her limbs at the age of just 10 months.  Now six years old she spent her Sunday getting involved in the 2.6 challenge and raising money for the Meningitis Now charity.  Having completed six activities (she was told she’d never be able to do) a staggering 26 times, she has now gone on to raise almost £50,000 for her chosen charity.




An act of kindness


Tom Rontree-Carey is an NHS doctor working on the frontline helping patients on the respiratory ward at the Royal Gwent Hospital. After finishing a shift, he returned to his car to find that it wouldn’t start.  Having had a mechanic look into it, he found that the catalytic converter had been stolen whilst he worked in the hospital.  After a Facebook post from his farther, the part was replaced free of charge by a local garage, enabling Tom to get back to the tremendous work he is doing to help people through the pandemic.


Pamper bags for frontline staff


Having put an appeal out for donations, Hazel Scanlon was overwhelmed when her local community provided enough goods to fill more than 200 pamper bags for workers at the Milton Keynes and Luton and Dunstable hospitals.  A great effort by everyone involved!


That’s it for now – stay home, happy and healthy everyone.