Five Packing Hacks You Need

Five Packing Hacks You Need

28/09/2021 10:45

Are you taking the plunge and moving house this year? Or maybe just reorganising your space to reset after a year stuck at home? Either way we swear by these easy hacks to make the whole process as pain free as possible:


Set a Timer

Little and often really is the key.  So set yourself a timer and work in half hour blasts to keep you motivated to get to the end.  Working methodically room by room in short bursts you’ll be able to notice the load lessening much more quickly – we promise! 


Use Every Inch of Space

Don’t leave any gaps in those boxes. Make use of the nooks and crannies in between bulkier items to stash all kinds of bits and bobs to make use of those little spaces.  Make sure they’re part of the room you’re packing up to save your sanity at the other end!


Colour Coding Is Your Friend

If you can get your hands on different coloured boxes for the rooms of your home, fantastic.  If not, maybe you’ll need to rely on brightly coloured washi tape, pens or string to identify the boxes for each room. Colour coding will make it infinitely easier to locate precisely what you need when you come to unpack.


Keep Your Essentials Separate

Before you go wild and pack everything you own securely away, sort out a bag or box of those essential items you’ll need in the short term: toiletries, clothing, food or cutlery, you’ll know what you use often enough to need before the big unpack.


Declutter as you go

If you have to handle every item you own, it’s the perfect time to have a really good clear out. It should be easy enough to identify those things you haven’t used in a while that could easily be stored away well into the distant future.  Check out our easy storage options or give the team a call on 01726 890880 to find out how we can help make life easier.