Could self-storage “rotation” help you through the seasons?

Could self-storage “rotation” help you through the seasons?

07/10/2019 13:18

If like most of us your house doesn’t have a gigantic loft or a super-size garage with room for five cars, you’ll almost certainly have encountered that frustrated feeling of just having too much stuff cluttering up your life. But it’s not just you who’s feeling that way!


Studies show that clutter affects life satisfaction


A recent study by Joseph Ferrari, a professor of psychology at DePaul University in Chicago, has shown there’s a direct link between emotional well-being and the mess in your home. If you’re looking to turn the tide and de-clutter your home, one answer might be to get ruthless and chuck things in the bin. But what if the stuff cluttering your home is something you need, just not right now?


Seasonal self-storage could be the answer


Whether your summer clothes are driving you mad every time you go to the wardrobe or you don’t fancy that perilous climb up into the loft to retrieve your Christmas tree each year, being canny with seasonal self-storage and using your storage space to rotate your belongings throughout the year can leave your home perfect for your needs all year round.


What to store away this autumn


The beautiful sunshine is behind us and the kids are back at school, so garden furniture standing out in the garden acts as a reminder of those lost carefree summer days. If you don’t have the luxury of a decent shed, put it in self-storage to stop that grimy green mould growing on it. If you don’t have a shed at all, put your tools into storage too; it’ll help to stop rusting. You won’t be needing summer dresses or loads of t-shirts during the chilly months ahead, so pack those up too.


What will you need this winter?


As the weather turns from chilly to downright cold, you’ll want your winter coats and jumpers, so if you need to make wardrobe space for them, put anything spare in storage. Those winter months bring rain as well as the cold — will you be wanting to ride your bike so much if it’s tipping it down? Get it out of the hallway and pedal it into storage until spring.


The challenges of Christmas


Now we’re into the depths of winter and it’s a fun — but rather busy — time of year. There’re decorations to retrieve from the loft, you’ll need somewhere to hide the pressies and friends and family often pay an impromptu visit. When it’s all said and done, your house might feel like it’s upside down. Self-storage can help avoid all that; it can be a home for your decorations for the 11 months of the year you don’t need them, while if you need your spare room for visitors to stay over, you can chuck your spare room junk into storage to sort out in spring.


Spring into action and clear that clutter


Flowers are blooming and the weather is turning; so once it’s a bit warmer, you can put away the bulky winter jumpers and gloves for a few months. If your kids had a sledge or you’re struggling to find a home for the de-icer and car scraper, put that away too. There’ll be a bonus side effect; putting this stuff away will make your spring clean loads easier!


Storing stuff this summer


You’ll definitely want those garden chairs back out on the lawn, as well as your bike for adventures, so pull those out to enjoy. But summer is a great time for redecorating and moving, so you might need that storage space to put your indoor furniture. Got a student in the family? They’ll be home in the summer months with all their stuff, including extra bedding, clothes and general stuff you’ll need to find a home for once more. Self-storage is an option, allowing you to safely store their belongings on their own until they return to uni in the autumn.


Whatever the time of year, rotational storage is a top way to stay organised and keep your home free of clutter; certainly until you can afford that house with the super-size garage anyway. Why not consider storing some things with us here at M-Store? We have a convenient location off the A30 and have a huge number of flexible, secure storage solutions. Give us a call on 01726 890880 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.