Converting your garage to make more space

Converting your garage to make more space

23/09/2020 16:53

Have you been spending a lot more time at home than normal because of the Covid crisis? Most of us have, be it because we’re shielding, looking after the kids who haven’t been at school or because we’re working at home or furloughed. Whatever the reason, if you’re spending more time at home than you normally would, it may be that you’re getting a case of cabin fever.


Part of that cabin fever can make your home feel smaller than ever. It’ll make you want to make the most of what space you do have and one of the spaces in the home that is often under-utilised is the garage. We so often don’t use our garage to its full potential, using it just for storage when the space can be so much more.


Garages are great spaces offering a flexible range of functions, from becoming a new utility room for your fridge and tumble dryer to creating a new office space. Thanks to their level floors and big open doors, they’re perhaps the easiest space in the house to convert!


Here are our tips on converting your garage to make it a valuable new space.


Plan it properly


Before you get started, have a good, hard think about what you need the space for. It’ll make for a better conversion — sit down with a pen and paper to decide what the room will exactly be for and how you want it to look. Where do you want those white goods to go? Is there anything else you want to include?


Think about wiring


Those white goods or lighting or your new workspace will need wiring. Contact a professional electrician for their recommendations is a good first step. They will help you position sockets exactly where you need them and their advice might even lead to you placing things in a more practical layout.


Think about worktops


Make sure to factor in counters and work surfaces — it’ll seem pointless investing bringing in your white goods or creating a space to work if you can’t keep the space tidy!


Find a new home for everything you’ve cleared out of the garage


All too often the garage becomes a bit of a dumping ground — is yours full of things like seasonal sporting equipment, clothes or treasured family photographs you just don’t have room for elsewhere? If you have things that you’d like to keep but no longer have room for, consider the benefits of domestic self-storage.


Those things that have been clogging up the garage will now have a new home in a space that’s secure, dry and ventilated.


Our central location just off the A30 dual carriageway near Bodmin means we’re easily accessible for people across the whole county of Cornwall. If you think that storing with us might help you create a bit more precious space at home, give us a call on 01726 890880 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.