Best options for home office storage

Best options for home office storage

14/08/2020 15:38

2020 has seen all of our lives turned upside down by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the months of lockdown; for many of us who have returned to work, our workplaces are still closed and so are working from home for the first time, avoiding the office to get on with work in the safety and comfort of their own homes.


While working at home has plenty of positives, it can be something of a transition period too. There are distractions at home that you simply won’t have at work, while plenty of us don’t even have a space set up at work to comfortably apply yourself or store all the paperwork, stationery and equipment you might need to get through a normal working day.


If you’re struggling to find a home for everything in your new home office space, here are some ideas of ours to make your home office storage that bit easier…


Keep your storage flexible


Adjustable shelves that can be repositioned allow you to maximise your available space, fitting the shelves to the items you need to store, rather than being left with wasted voids. This allows you to adapt your needs over time, no matter what your needs are. Even if you’re not using much paper, it’s surprising how it creeps up!


Consider modular shelving


An adaptable storage wall with floor-to-ceiling supports and brackets makes it really easy to move shelves around as you need to and keep total control over the storage space. You can get shelves of varying depths, pegboard-style panela and even drawers for all your needs.


Make it attractive, not just functional


Storage is necessary, but that doesn’t mean it can’t add aesthetic value too! If you’re putting up shelves, add a picture shelf or make a part of the wall an attractive feature so that home office is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.


Consider cork boards and peg boards


These look stylish and serve a real purpose; peg boards can hold precious items and even flexible shelves, while cork boards are handy to keep important documents in plain sight. They’re also extremely easy to install!


Get creative


If you’re really struggling to find room in your home for a dedicated home office, our life hack advice is to find creative ways to store that stuff! A storage ottoman is one top place for those all-important resources, but anywhere you can stash them will help!


Consider self-storage

It might get to the point that no matter what you try, you’ll never be able to store all of what you need at home. Self-storage can be a great way to create some space at home, safe in the knowledge that those things are available when you need them again.


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