Making more space in your home - four seasonal items every homeowner can store

Making more space in your home - four seasonal items every homeowner can store

20/12/2019 10:02

As we grow older, we all accumulate more and more items; whether that’s from Black Friday sales, a fleeting January ‘new year’s resolution’ or simply because you can’t stop yourself when it comes to online shopping. 


We all do it, but if do you really need these items this causes a problem; you’re either going to need to buy a new, larger house (which would seem impractical just to store your growing list of items!), or place them into storage in order to free up some more space.


If we work on the assumption that you’re probably not going to buy another house just yet, the question then falls on what you’re going to place into storage. For some of us this will be a tough choice to make, but the easiest place to start is with your ‘seasonal items’….


Duvets and bed linens


During the winter we’re all wanting the warmth of a nice thick duvet. However, that’s exactly what we don’t want when the summer months bring warmer night time temperatures. This means that at some point we’re all storing linen and linen takes up space!


That’s exactly why many homeowners march those duvets out of their home and into their storage unit, leaving plenty of extra cupboard space that would otherwise be filled with our out of season linen!


Clothes you’re not wearing


The same thing happens with our clothes; fancy wearing a nice woollen jumper in June? How about a pair of board shorts in Baltic January? We thought not! Most of us will have seasonal clothing, but not enough space to store it in our cupboards throughout the year. This means that many of our storage customers place those winter coats into storage for the summer, bringing them out when the temperatures fall and they’re really needed.


Seasonal hobbies


It will come as little surprise that skiing in the summer isn’t as much fun, while water sports are a little chillier in the winter months.  The majority of our hobbies bow to seasonal weather, meaning that at certain times of the year our skis, wetsuits and body boards are merely taking up space in our homes and garages rather than seeing regular action.


These often take up a lot of space, so why not store those items during the long periods they’re not needed? They’ll still be there for you when the snow falls or the water temperature warms!


Seasonal furniture


How much time do you spend sat at your garden table in December? Or bouncing around on the trampoline in January? For the majority of us the answer is absolutely none, so why keep those items in the garden at risk from the elements (trampolines are particularly prone to getting blown away) or taking up all of the space your garden shed has to offer?


Storing garden furniture and other outdoor items during the winter months is something of a no-brainer; they’ll be preserved and kept in great condition for next year, meaning that you’ve only got to think about what else you can now put in the garden shed!


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