10 Quick Fire Tips to Super Charge Your Spring Clean

10 Quick Fire Tips to Super Charge Your Spring Clean

28/06/2021 14:57

As Spring arrives with those first little crocuses popping their heads above ground, the urge to use those extra chunks of daylight to spring clean our homes kicks in hard.  After a long cold winter it can feel like a mammoth task to start to tackle the build-up, especially this year after enduring it in lockdown but we’ve pulled together some of our best tips on levelling up your Spring cleaning in 2021: 


1)    Make It Easy.  Gather all of your cleaning supplies in a handy basket or box to cart around with you so you’re not to-ing and fro-ing throughout the house. 

2)    Be Methodical.  Start at the top and work your way down-or the other way round, it’s up to you! If you can close the door on one sparkling room at a time you’ll feel like you’re whizzing through it. 

3)    Go Green. Try swapping out some of your traditional products for low impact or natural alternatives: baking soda, essential oils, lemon juice, and white vinegar all work really well on stubborn dirt.

4)    Get Your Vacuum Serviced.  Avoid spreading old dirt around the place, get your vacuum Spring cleaned before you start your Spring clean. 

5)    Enjoy Sparkling Sinks. Baking soda will clean and shine stainless steel sinks. To remove water spots from stainless sinks, scrub with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar.

6)    Dust First. If you’re going for a deep clean, start with the dusting.  Get all of the build up from the tops of shelves, wardrobes and bookcases before attempting to vacuum. 

7)    Multi-Task.  Get a load in the washing machine as you potter about cleaning surfaces. You’ll get everything done much quicker. 

8)    Get to Grips with Grout.  Whip out that trusty baking soda and use an old toothbrush to get rid of any stubborn stains in between your tiles. 

9)    Mattress Maintenance. Don’t forget to strip the bed right down and use the attachments on your vacuum to give it a good clean. 

10) Store it Away. Sometimes you’re not ready to part with something, but you’d like it stashed away for the warmer months, a storage unit is an ideal solution. 


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