Five Ways To Super Charge Your Home Office

Five Ways To Super Charge Your Home Office

03/02/2021 14:19

When the UK first entered lockdown in March 2020 and working from home became the norm we likely all threw together a temporary office space at home, hoping we’d have to ‘make do’ for a short while.  As we’re getting further into Lockdown 3.0, it might be time to level up that office space and increase your productivity and wellbeing whilst you’re at it. 


Get Properly Kitted Out 

Make sure your home office equipment is just as good as your in office set up. This might be setting up an additional monitor, sorting out a standing desk to give you some variety or rearranging things to make sure everything you need to use regularly is close at hand to avoid and stress or strain on the body whilst you work.  Ask your employer about bringing equipment from the office to help you re-create the perfect working conditions at home. 


Add a Little Greenery 

There is no end to the benefits of having some carefully chosen plants in your home office.  There is wide evidence to suggest that plants on the desk or nearby can reduce stress, increase creativity, boost your mood and improve the oxygen levels in the air.   You don’t have to bring the jungle indoors, a couple of leafy green potted plants like a Peace Lily or Ficus will do the job perfectly well. 


Shed Some Light on Things 

Lockdown 3.0 is definitely the time to get the lighting right in your home office.  If you can, set up your workspace as close to a window letting in lots of natural light as you can.  Battling for window space at home? It is well worth investing in a really good desk lamp, recreating the feel of natural light to keep your vitamin d levels high and to reduce any stress and strain on the eyes.  


Get the Sound Right 

If you’re used to the hustle and bustle of a busy office, it can feel incredibly isolating to be thrust into a solitary working environment at home.  A low level white noise track might provide just enough distraction from the silence, playlists of classical or other instrumental music are well proven to help with concentration levels or simply flinging open the window to let in the sounds of the world passing by outside might be comforting (unless you live in an inner city).   It’s well worth spending a little time getting the right backing track to your working day.  



If you’re limited for space, it’s entirely possible that you had to set up that home office space in a spare room or other family dumping ground. Take a look around, if you’re surrounded by old sports kit, all of the kids toys, drying washing or any other life detritus it might be time to declutter.  Freshening up the space will help freshen up your motivation for work.  

If you need a little extra help on decluttering or a nifty storage solution, contact the team at M-Store on 01726 890880 to see how we can support you.